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Deviled eggs are a staple in my fridge + at all my parties… They are the perfect hors d’oeuvre/ snack/ lunch, loaded with protein for all of you banning carbohydrates from your eye’s view.  There are hundreds of sinful ways to prepare deviled eggs, but I am a purist + insist on my eggs made with as few ingredients as possible… I deeply dislike any kind of pickled anything in my deviled egg, or fishy contamination. I like my eggs small-to-medium sized– dressed with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and a drop of Tabasco, garnished with Maldon salt flakes for a crunchy finish.

They are humble specimens of American cuisine that always delight.

How do you like yours???

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5 Responses to can’t live without

  1. Love the Maldon salt flakes to finish in your recipe! I love mine finished with truffle salt (and some black truffle in the mix if I have some around) and pair it with Swanson’s Viognier!

  2. alexis traina says:

    ooooooh, i like that, a lot. it is the perfect sweet + savory combination.
    the maldon flakes are always magical– and i really like the contribution of the black truffle…. good call!

  3. Carolynn jacoby says:

    One of my earliest food memories, I agree the simplest the better. However I now add a teensy bit of curry. Thanks for the memory.

  4. grapefriend says:

    I like mine classic too. Every once in a while I’ll mix in a dash of mustard. Perfection with some Sauvignon Blanc!

  5. Alexis says:

    You know, as I read my post, I realized that I was was referring to my embellishments, AFTER adding the mustard. The mustard is the deeply personal piece here. I like Grey Poupon, Coleman’s mustard powder…

    Bu then there is the discussion of texture… I like mine beaten, not lumpy, and NOT purred.

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