alexis’ vinotype

Tim Hanni explains why:

You love big, ripe, smooth wines + loud music. THESE are environmental adaptations you have made over the years with learning, peers and being immersed in the wine culture. Completely natural evolution of a Vintotype and why we make the additions and clarifications:

You are an adventurous, Hs (Hypersensitive) Vinotype that loves a whole spectrum of wines from lightly sweet and delicate to rich, intense but SMOOTH reds! Smooth, textural, fragrant and above all comfortable are imperatives!!!

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2 Responses to alexis’ vinotype

  1. John Maloney says:

    My vinotype checked out as Sensitive. Particularly like the profile question on loud. I like loud music in loud restaurants and… refined reds. NYC’s Le Bilboquet and Babo with Pomerol and La Tâche complete the phenotype.

  2. Alexis says:

    Thanks, for the colorful response. It is all very interesting knowledge. HappyThanksgiving to you!!!

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