angéle parlange– person to know in NOLA


In life there are very few people who open your eyes to a certain way of thinking/ being– and my good friend Angéle is one of those.  Everything about her has always inspired me: her clever wit/ eye/ speak… I marveled at the way she collected + reinterpreted, as well as her ability transform the mundane on a vanity/ bar cart/ bedside table/ dining table.

Angéle is a true Creole/ Francophile at heart: she grew up living on one of the South’s most pure + beautiful plantations called Parlange– complete with a guest house that once served as a pigonere; she is also a descendant of Sergeant’s Madame X… Today is she one of the great tastemakers/ designers and much of her work was inspired by the Salon of Paris in 19th century, where her grandmother held court. When we met 15 years ago, she had her own shop/ Salon on Magazine Street in New Orleans, filled with treasures/ curiosities/ wild inspirations.  It inspired me to open up my very own Salon, on the west coast!

Recently she published a book called Creole Thrift sharing life as she sees it.


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