bob’s donuts

As my good friends will attest, I am passionate about Bob’s Donuts on Polk Street. I am such a connoisseur of their glazed donuts that I can tell — just by eyeballing the donuts — which of the two donut bakers were on the midnight shift making the morning’s donuts. The glazed donut is a favorite pastime/ discussion of mine– and the true litmus test of a good donut baker. Bob’s glazed donuts are fried with a delicate, light hand + an eagle eye to produce airy confections of raised dough that is light/ airy/ fluffy smothered in a layer of glazed sugar.

I first discovered Bob’s through my mother — who is now in AA for addiction to sugar — and who could always be counted on to sniff out the best donut in a 100 mile radius. For years, we fantasized about owning Bob’s, and the fun we would have. Luckily for us, our weight scales + husbands, we never did.

During the daytime hours, I don’t walk into Bob’s without thinking of my mom– it was one of the many sweet pleasures she taught me, that I treasure. Thank you, Panther.

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