the party’s over… goodbye to tommy toy’s

Last night I had my very last crabmeat wonton, minced chicken lettuce cups, dumplings and mango mousse at Tommy Toy’s– the very same menu that was served at my baby shower; delivered to my hospital bed upon the birth of both my children, served at countless Christmas + birthday luncheons.

There was nothing quite like a Tommy Toy’s CARB-O-CIDE… It was such a delicious blowout loaded with trans-fats + MSG, and days of unwanted bloat. But there was something so wildly infectious about Tommy Toy’s that went way beyond the food. Tommy Toy’s was a throw back to an elegant era where waiters wore bow ties– and in this case gold lame ties, with honor; while theatrically wielding silver dome plate covers. It was such a mesmerizing experience– and we’ve yet to discuss the exotic cocktail menu that was in full swing during lunch.

Yes, it is true that Tommy Toys had grown long in the tooth, but that was exactly what I loved about it.

I hated for the night to end– as a world of sweet memories had come to an end, as do all good things.

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3 Responses to the party’s over… goodbye to tommy toy’s

  1. John Maloney says:


    Yeah, it’s hard to imagine a 20-something, in a hoodie and Toms, tucking in to Minced Squab “Imperial” at TT.

    Best to put on some sunglasses (because it’s sooo bright) and head over to R&G Lounge.

  2. carolynn says:

    Does your mom or someone that age (whoops) remember The Ritz Poodle Dog in the financial district. It was my idea of sophistication in my 20’s, they made the Caesar Salad at the table, a thrilling production!

  3. Suzy says:

    I loved Tommy Toy’s. I worked at Transamerica for many years and we had some wonderful times there. It’s sad that it closed since it was a real San Francisco institution.

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