i am loving michael chiarello’s coqueta

I am having a full-blown love affair with Michael Chiarello’s Coqueta in SF, right on the Embarcadero– with the lit-up Bay Bridge as its’ back drop. The space/ the views/the menu are equally dazzling + impressive + wildly memorable.

I have ALWAYS been a Chiarello fan since Tra Vigne– and love his inventive culinary flair and incredible showmanship… Let’s be honest, he has been the P.T Barnum of Napa Valley lately with his restaurant/ mega fan base/ cooking shows/ cookbooks/ storefront/ wine brand– and yet Coqueta comes at a really good time for San Francisco + for himself.  Coqueta presents Michael as a seasoned, audacious chef with serious CHOPs and a deep desire/ ability to delight his guests.

Key point of note: deep desire + ability rarely go hand in hand.

Coqueta is a MUST.

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