veronica beard super-bling army jacket

With passion, I collect army jackets– as they are the perfect storm for my persnickety sensibility– a combination of absorbent, light- weight cotton in my favorite color– army green. I have over a dozen in my closet– sourced from every high and low resource: from Army/ Navy Surplus to Celine to Zara to Figue to Paul + Joe to Banana Republic to Calypso to Veronica Beard.

So devoted am I that when my sister Veronica Beard launched her eponymous clothing line with her sister-in-law with the same name, they introduced a collection of blazers with Dickie inserts— they named the hunter green blazer with an old- school cream fisherman sweater Dickie, THE ALEXIS.

Every season they produce an army green something: jacket, blazer, parka, raincoat. Always something interesting and intriguing.

But it always goes back to the army jacket for me– lately I have been collecting army jackets with lots of embellishment. Sort of like my manicure upgrades- I am looking for more OOOOMPH!!! This season Figue and Zara delighted me with their MORE IS MORE embellishments/ patches/ rhinestones.

So when I spied Veronica (Miele) Beard, Veronica (Swanson) Beard’s business partner at Veronica Beard sporting her own super-super blinged out version of their SPRING 2013 army jacket, I begged her to make another for me… And here it is!

Thank you, ladies! I love it!!!

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One Response to veronica beard super-bling army jacket

  1. Veronica Miele Beard says:

    Alexis, i hope you know that you are one of my favorite people! you look incredibly chic in the army jacket and the bling complements your personality – shining star! xo, VMB

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