the hostess’ ultimate party resource


A prop closet dedicated to party-giving is all sorts of magic. When surveying shelves of lovingly organized accoutrement, one’s imagination is free to jump from weekend brunch/ afternoon tea/ dinner party/ mid-summer night’s feast– in a split second. For the Madame of ceremonies, the prop closet can spellbind/haunt/be a source of pride, envy + admiration…more than a shoe closet filled to the gills with Louboutins. On a practical + equally important note, having party gear arranged in orderly fashion means you’re set to have guests over at  a moment’s notice. Think about the laughter/ bonds/ indelible memories/naughty behavior unfolding at su casa.


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3 Responses to the hostess’ ultimate party resource

  1. F A B B Y! Super post- love a good party closet.

  2. Love this! The glassware is perfect for a fall dinner outdoors in Texas :)

  3. OH my word. This is too much. TOO CUTE!

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